Rik's retro computers

This page exists to keep track of the old, weird and interesting computers I have and had over the years. I enjoy poking around and repairing weird tech, but plenty of computers come and also go. This will not contain any self build computers.

I tend to buy something, tinker with it and often resell it, so plenty of stuff here is listed as gone. If you are interested in something in this list, send me an e-mail! and perhaps I am open to selling it!

Workstations & servers

Computers have gotten kind of boing and bland over the years. Most computers now are just x86 machines that have the same basic architecture as the IBM PC. Before this was the case, plenty of interesting and fun computers exists with all kinds of architectures and ideas, Apple probably being the best known example with the PowerPC stuff. Funny enough they are again the company with non x86 computers. While personal computers fairly quickly standardized into x86 based boxes, workstations managed to be interesting a little longer as cost was less of an object.

IBM AS/400 150

IBM RS/6000 44P model 170

Sun Fire T1000 1U Ultraspark Server [gone]

DEC AlphaStation 600A [gone]

Sun Ultra 60

Sun SparcStation 10

SGI Indy [gone]


PC's and oddities

While workstations are for me the most fun, I had and have a few more PC style computers as well. Perhaps quirky, strange or just happen to be something I came across.

Digipos Point Of Sale computer [gone]

IBM Thinkpad 600

IBM PC XT [gone]

PDX-057T-5A Industrial PC [gone]

Microsoft Surface RT

Panasonic CF-U1 Toughbook [gone]

Apple Macintosh SE


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