IBM Thinkpad 600

I always wanted an old Thinkpad from the IBM era. I saw this 600 for sale for a low price as it looks eeum, well used. It has a Pentium II and a not spectacular Neomagic MagicGraph128XD GPU. It gave a few errors at boot and nothing more. Luckily this was a fairly easy fix. It just needed a new CMOS battery.


One CMOS battery later and we got a booting laptop! This laptop has 2 memory slots and also 32MB soldered on. Of course those where empty. I ordered a kit of 2 * 128 MB RAM for it. Sadly the BIOS only sees 128+64, with the 32MB on board I got 224MB total. Honestly plenty for a laptop like this. A fun thing to see is the BIOS of this laptop. It's almost like a modern UEFI with a mouse even.


I also bought the floppy drive for it, which has been mostly what I have used this machine for, for example to create floppies for my HP 1650B logic analyzer. Having a floppy, serial, parallel and also USB makes it pretty versatile. And of course it runs games like Dune 2000 quite well!