PDX-057T-5A industrial panel PC

This is a small panel PC I gotten. It runs on 5V at 1.5A, making it nice and power efficient. The CPU inside is a Vortex86DX CPU at 800Mhz and 256MB RAM. The screen is a resistive touchscreen of 5.7 inch with a 640*480 resolution. There even are BIOS options to change the CPU multiplier, meaning it can be overclocked to a staggaring 933Mhz. Or downclocked to 133Mhz...


It has quite a few IO, more then most modern laptops! CompactFlash and microSD for storage, USB, PS/2, Serial, Ethernet and even a headphone jack. It seemed like a neat small machine. Sadly the CPU is pretty old and does not support most modern, or even semi modern features. This means an old old Linux kernel is needed so anything newer then Debian 6 or so does not run.


Eventually I shipped this small computer to someone else who wants to use it for DOS and Windows 98 stuff, a much better usecase then I ever had for it.